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Merchandising & licensing

A growth opportunity for all types of organisations

Merchandising is a key part of the “Fan Experience” and a strong way to create “Fan Engagement”.

The Entertainment industry understood its value early on to become the reference in this business. Disney’s Consumer Products division makes 10% of the company’s total revenues and 12% of its profit!

Every year, the total retail value of Licensing exceeds 250 billion $.

Yet the sport industry is undervaluing this revenue stream and most sport organisations are not monetising their assets adequately.

The founder’s philosophy

Experience, expertise and client focus

After 20 years in Licensing and having worked on some of the biggest franchises in Entertainment and Sport, I started LICENSING FOR GROWTH in 2017 to support companies in creating more effective Merchandising & Licensing programmes.

Having my own company allows me to allocate most of my time to be personally involved in every project and to bring my experience and expertise in Licensing & Merchandising, in brand and business management to each client.

Key factors of success

Methodology & Creativity

Success is not about size. A strong Merchandising and Licensing programme is the result of the right methodology enriched with a touch of creativity.

We have developed our own methodology based on four pillars: detailed segmentation of the target audiences, creation of a broad portfolio of assets, selection of relevant data and creation of the appropriate storytelling.

We also created our own tools to benchmark performance, assess potential and set targets. For instance, the BIMP’sBenchmarks and Indicators of Merchandising Performance – a series of 6 indicators for the football industry.


We can support you from A to Z

A collaborative approach to explore, decide and implement according to your needs

Audit &

  • Existing business
  • Target segmentation
  • Portfolio of assets
  • Processes & tools
  • Contractual documents
  • Organisation


  • Targets
  • Key strategies: products, retail channels, communication
  • Business model
  • Calendar
  • Benchmarks & KPI’s


  • Recruitment of Licensees
  • Creative developments
  • Consumer research
  • Staff recruitment & training
  • Processes & tools
  • Business reviews

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